The Deep End of Detroit: Ch. 1

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(Imagine this story told in the image of a low-class female factory worker, named LaQuisha)

Back in my day, I worked at this Hasbro factory in Detroit making Transformers and Poly Pockets for thots. It wasn’t a very good job, but it paid enough to pay the low income bills of barely living. So, every day I went to work, doing the same thing every single day, just to go back home and sleep so I can go to work once again. All was moseying on fairly uniformly for 2 more months, and then I had a dream. The dream, that changed it all for me. I had finally decided to make a change in my life, to stop making toys for thots, to improve my quality of life overall.

I still had a bunch of money in my bank account from my side job at the strip club and slinging crack at the old folks home. It totalled to about $20,000, so I figured that would be enough to accomplish this dream of mine. Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to start up a business selling/making toys for adults, but I had to start somewhere, so Hasbro was my first step (until I started to hate it). I don’t appreciate the tactics that they are using now to “adapt to the people’s wishes” since new management came into place. They kidnapped kids from foster homes for research, started burning all the waste products, replaced screws with plastic ones so the toys would fall apart, and I wasn’t having any more of it! It was time to implement Karma into the equation and bring Hasbro down with force. So, I opened up my explosive supply (Oh, did I forget to mention that I work with Al Queda?), grabbed all the C4 from a box, and stored it in a backpack with my cpu. This was all just preparation for the next day at work, so I went to sleep after I felt prepared enough. The next day, I took my backpack into work with me and put it in my locker. It was my plan to wait until everyone was gone at night, then stash the bomb under the chemical vats with a timer set to 10am the next morning..Lol but guess who’s not gonna be at work? Hope they all have a “Boomtastic” time! 😛

The next morning, I woke up at 10:00 to the sound of shrapnel clattering against my building (did I mention that I live 3 blocks from what was previously “Hasbro”?). Then I realized, I need to gtfo before the police start investigating the cause of the explosion. I bought a beat up Geo Metro for $400 along with some crack to keep me awake on the road, and left immediately after gathering my essentials.

Image result for factory explosionI didn’t necessarily know where I was going, but the crack had me in its clutches, so I just took a ride on the magic carpet knowing that it’d show me the way. I grabbed a cigarette out of my pack, lit it, smoked the whole thing, and lit up another one hoping that it’d ease the anxiety which pulsed through my veins, but to no avail. I had no clue when I got onto the freeway, although I did know that I had been heading north for close to 5 hours until I found an exit down into a wooded area where I could set up camp and figure out how I was going to accomplish my dream.

After several hours of constant thought, I had run myself into the ground..I had no idea how to start a business, how I would gather the troops for production, where I would start this business..I had no clue. So I said screw it, pulled out my phone, and hit up my friend LaShonda who owned the dankest trap house that bumped the Yachtyest of Lil Yachty in the land. I figured that the trap-house would be my easiest and best bet at “rising up the ladder”. I told myself, I’m just gonna start slingin yay and join the cartel. I feel like I had a change of heart, I wanted to live on the edge..maybe it was just the crack, but I felt like I had some sort of direction in which to go. I just allowed the magic carpet ride take it’s course.

The next morning, I was up at the crack(lol) of dawn to head back down the freeway for a couple hours to a town called “Flint”, which is where this sick trap house was at. It wouldn’t do me any good to go any farther north either, since I didn’t have a passport to get into Canada and the rest of the way is mostly forests.

As soon as I arrived at the trap-house, I walked through the front door into a room filled with people. I was welcomed by a tall man with dreads saying, “We’ve been waiting for you dawg, no one else can sling sh** like you can!”.

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Mumble Rappers Should Stay At The Auction House

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Okay, I’m just gonna rant about one thing that really grinds my gears, mumble rappers. First of all, mumble rapping is a very unintellectual way to exclaim to people that you “F*** B******” or smoke weed, or about being “hood”. You could literally go to an auction house and make more sense out of the auctioneers words than you can out of rappers like Lil Yachty, Young Thug, Desiigner, and many other rappers who have no meaning in their words, and just suck C*** in the mic in order to make money. In fact, I feel like I lose brain cells after I listen to one of their songs. Honestly, I think that anyone who mumble raps, has about the same intellectual level as Hillary and Trump supporters, but maybe a bit worse.

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3 problems with mumble rap:

  1. The artist only talks about drugs, women, and money but they make it harder to understand. Almost sounds like they are OD’ing and having a seizure. (Can you feel it now Mr. Krabs?)
  2. They have no words to promote the greater good and in fact, destroy the rap culture with their “Seizure talk”.
  3. They have no significance or place in the rap game, so they should stay at the auction house…assuming they could keep the job.


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See a lot of times all I hear is mumble rap

from the crap artists of the trap,

holdin hella gats cuz their black

with a knack for killin chaps

but the real macs

are the ones with the facts in this rap.

We gotta bring it back,

to the times of Dre Mac

with the mix of trap

and meaning with his times of bein stabbed

by a knife in the chest and the back

of the neck.

So I’m gonna take a dab or a slab

and go back to the lab

to write some new trap

that’ll blow down the crowd,

while I burn down some loud,

then go out in the town,

with the nouns that flip frowns,

someday I will stunt a crown,

and a queen that astounds

with the melody of sounds

that have me on the ground

rollin around like I blazed a pound

so I submerge like I am drowned

by the love that I’ve found..

bound, in the clouds by the soul I’ve aroused,

no need for a frown when you give what you get

with the light that surrounds

the chain that’s unbound

no standin around

or waiting for clowns

I’m feelin it, wow,

feelin profound,

cuz baby you’re mine now,

we flyin high in the clouds.

You aren’t the only one..

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Sometimes, do you just think to yourself, “I think I am crazy”, or any other relatable terms? For me, that thought circles my head every day. “What is the norm?”, “Why am I here?”, “Who am I?”…These are just a couple of the thoughts that get stuck in circulation, but you get the point, I’m sure everyone has these thoughts. As tough as it is to suspend these thoughts, you just gotta take each day one at a time. With how little faith I have in humanity as of now, it is important to spread some sort of message every chance that you get. It is also important to develop community in people instead of dividing people through groups, classes, or organizations, and instead bring people together, open up their eyes, and see connections between corresponding topics/things. As much as I want this to happen, I know it is a shot in the dark, so I will do what I can to promote “community” as much as possible while I am here on earth. I know that I am not the best at working in groups with people, but that aspect is situational, if I am working towards something with a group of people that I like and enjoy their company, then I will be more inclined to do what I can to help. It just relies on finding the right people to stand by your side as long as you believe in the people, and cause the is being fought for.

~”We don’t need division in order to conquer, we need community among us.”


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We’re all deranged in our own way, shape, and form.

It just relies on your own perception in order to figure out the norm.

We don’t need division in order to conquer the storm,

We need love, trust, community, and a new reform.

So, I hope these can-di-dates don’t last their full term,

but I guess we will see how these bas****s perform,

they are skeevy, deceitful, their dumber than words,

can be put in a sentence on paper like “Bird”.

Trump’s choking, he’s stupid as f***, and a perv,

Clinton lying to people while answers deferred,

they’re both bat**** crazy, I’ll vote for the third,

I would rather go green then take s*** from these worms…

But then again I hope one takes a term,

so that we can all see the effects of the swarm,

Let’s rise and destroy the usual, deformed,

or let them join hell after kill is confirmed.

 Now I’m not saying I’m gonna kill these 2 turds,

but if they want to trap us like sheep in a herd,

they can go f*** themselves, cuz

we, the decent people

just urge to be heard..

not murdered and torn,

by a douche with a perm.

Thailand Adventures

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I had been thinking about how it would be to go to Thailand for a while. I went there for 4 weeks with my dad because he was getting married to a girl from Surat Thani. It would be my first time meeting her so I was alittle nervous at first. He had met her online about a year earlier, I thought it was kinda weird, but they seemed to be happy with each other so I just went with it like I had in the past.

I had no clue how I would react to going halfway across the world and didn’t really know the significance of me going there, but I figured I would just make the most of it. I thought about how cool it would be to be leaving the states for once. I was stoked about leaving boring ole Moscow, and going to a place to experience new things. I pictured “The Hangover: Part 2” in my head the whole plane ride there. I thought it would be a good story, but I don’t think I would have done half of the things that went on in that movie. Getting drugged and raped didn’t sound like something I wanted to happen. We would be going from Spokane to Tokyo, which is about an 8 or 9 hour flight. Then we would be waiting for 2 hours at the Tokyo airport for our 2 hour flight to Bangkok. We’d be meeting up with my dad’s fiance’ at the airport in Bangkok, and staying at a hotel for a couple days, then heading back to the airport for another hour long flight to Surat Thani and staying there for a few weeks while we wait for the wedding. The day after the wedding we would be catching a bus to Khanom Beach Resort to stay in a beach villa for the last week of our trip.

The night before we left, I wasn’t looking forward to waking up at 6am, but my dad made me get up. I slept on the way to Spokane, so that part wasn’t that bad, but as soon as we stepped in the airport, I realized that I had to prepare myself for the horrible day of sitting on a plane.

I thought that if I stayed up all night the night before, then I would sleep the whole flight to Tokyo, sadly that wasn’t the case. I slept for about 2 hours of it and then just sat in my seat watching “The Hangover”, “21 and Over”, and some other movie that I can’t remember. The whole flight sucked, it was too much of sitting in one spot. And airplane food is really nasty so I didn’t eat until we got to Tokyo, thankfully the hunger pains went away when I got some chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. Sadly, asian McDonald’s tastes a lot worse than any McDonald’s food I’ve ever had. It had a very weird foreign taste to it and the sauces that they give you don’t smell pleasant at all.

At the Tokyo airport, we had to sit in front of our gate for about 2 hours while we waited for our flight to Bangkok. I was tired of being on a plane and waiting for flights, so when we got to the airport in Bangkok I was pissed to find out that we had to sit in a taxi for another 30 minutes to get to the hotel we were staying at. When driving across town on the highway I looked around me to analyze my surroundings but I was disappointed to see how ghetto most of Bangkok was. Everything looked so poor and saddening with tiny tin huts covering the land. When we got into the industrial area, it still looked ghetto, but the buildings were so huge that I had to get pictures and embrace the area that I was in. The nasty sewer smell and the mix of at least 100 different types of asian food made me just want to stay in my hotel room. Hearing cars drive down the street and the wind bouncing off the buildings nearby was so obnoxious that you couldn’t hear yourself think.

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After a few days in Bangkok we headed back to the airport to get on our flight to Surat Thani, this trip was only about an hour long flight so it wasn’t bad. As soon as we landed I realized that the scenery had changed from a nasty big city, to a nice, greener area with trees and hills covering the scenery. I had a really nice view from the window of my hotel room, even though I didn’t have an actual balcony, all I had to do is climb out the window and sit on a covered ledge.

My hotel room was pretty nice except I am sure that there was bed bugs everywhere in that hotel. A couple times when I woke up I had bug bites all over my body, it was pretty miserable to be itchy for most of the trip but I got used to sharing a room with a bunch of bugs. Even though the beds were comfortable and I got to relax in the air conditioning all the time, I felt homesick and wanted to go home at least 70% of the time.

It sucked being there for 3 weeks since I hate asian food with a passion. Whenever I went to the store to get something “non-asian” I couldn’t talk to the cashiers because I cannot speak Thai at all. The thing that made my trip worth it was having my own hotel room and being able to go down to the 7/11 and buy nasty asian cigarettes and alcohol whenever I felt like it. I probably would have had more fun if I had left the hotel room more, but I didn’t want to get lost and murdered by asians in a back alley somewhere.

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The last week was probably the best week that I had over there, a few days after my dads wedding we caught a bus to Khanom Beach Resort to stay in a villa. Since we didn’t want to rely on taxis or anything to take us places, we rented some scooters to ride around on, it was still pretty boring sitting around the villa and walking down the beach alone all week. I thought that there would be more people at the resort when we were heading there but it was pretty deserted when we got there. I had some of the best french fries that I have ever had when we went to eat at a place called Khun Lee’s. We ate there a lot because it was close to the resort and pretty easy to get to. The last few days were pretty relaxing until we had to leave again, so it was time to deal with airports and long flights for another 24 hours while we headed back home.

This trip had its ups and downs, but overall, I would probably not spend the money to sit on a plane for that long just to land on the ground and instantly have to deal with a trillion asians in a new land. Also, I didn’t eat very much asian food over there and could barely find american food, or at least semi-american. The hot weather and insane humidity made me want to stay in my hotel room a lot when I could have been out doing things. Not being able to speak Thai made it very hard to communicate with anyone over there so I just talked to friends back home on my laptop most of the time. I thought that I was going to have a lot more fun when we first went there, next time I think I am going to go to Hawaii.

My life’s about as messy as my room

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Well, where do I start, when I was out of school I wanted to move out when I was 16-17, which didn’t end up happening. I stayed living with my dad for a while (and still have a room there), but I have moved about 6 times since I moved back to Moscow from Lewiston, usually apartments, but it’s still a hassle to move. The final time my dad decided to move though, ended up being this little town about 45 mins into Washington called Endicott. I couldn’t move there since my job, friends, shop, and school are in Moscow. So, basically my living situation consists of my shop/van, friends houses sometimes, and like once every 2 weeks I will go out to my dad’s place. It’s really not that bad living in a van, I mean, the place that I am at is the closest thing that I consider “home” that I have lived in a long time. Granted, it sucks sometimes to spend the gas to get into town all the time, but it wouldn’t be the first time I have had to do it. Hopefully this will change at semester though.

Aside from my living situation, let’s see..I have about $4000 dollars worth of debt to pay, some to Latah County for a charge that I received at the beginning of the summer, $3000 for a car loan, some to my mom for a ticket that I got a while back, and some to pay for my van. Then on top of this, I have to deal with finding roommates and an apartment in the next couple months, along with vehicle title transferrals, projects at my shop, and gotta sell some of my junk.

Another aspect of my life, I guess would be my every day schedule, let’s see, I wake up and go to school, which basically consumes tf out of my life, on top of that, I usually have work right after school or on weekends which provides very little free time, and often gives me the drive to stay up late. This is pretty much it, every day, my life. There are those get togethers, good friends, and occasional project nights at my shop which helps counteract the bad. Music is definitely my life though, and if I didn’t have it, I would probably have killed myself by now.


I kinda like bein alone.

Ya know why?

cuz it’s all I’ve ever known

when life is thrown, and,

bounced around, changed, like a new phone,

or a bone, traded

from dog to another, degraded

as it gets strewn around like feed,

sometimes I do hate it,

but it’s the life that I’m makin,

either make it or break it,

and when I feel down,


make sure I’m not naked

or taken down by the bullshit

I came in.

Then sometimes, there are those,

that bring light to the shadows,

shining down to light the way, and

open your eyes, exposed,

like Sheen taking coke to the nose

getting blown by some hoes on a balcony, “Whoa!”.

We wish this would happen often,

but this world we live. It’s hella tough though,

with a world of people who only oppose,

and don’t propose for better future, it blows!

when you think about the pros, but you’re froze in the lows,

composed, of the same life, same place, and the same clothes..


Whaddu it be like? Do it be like Earth Go Hard?

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Go Hard… Go Hard.. Go Hard… Ho Gard…

Go Far… Go Far.. Go Far… Fo Gar…

Mo Bars… Mo Bars.. Mo Bars… Bo Mars…Bo Mars,

And, when, I Go, Hard, I shoot, far, like the stars.

Music man, a guitar, finger strings, like a martyr,

hop up in the car, hit the gas, then I press the star-ter,

drop lines harder, fingers up, screamin, “F*** the Carter”,

and I’m back, come up again, Go Hard, like-King-Arthur,

wielding sword with mighty shield, could cut your neck.. like a barber,

but I’m back with Key and Peel, gon flip the deck so grab your armor,

 put it on, strap it down, I’ll drop you straight into the harbour,

and when I stand, watch you drown, I light a cig, and burn another.

Life’s a test, so don’t feel down, sometimes we dig, so find your brothers,

feel your best and don’t you frown, just take a swig, your soul recovers,

make a mill, when you arise, we all will die, then life is over,

when you feel lest, find your “clown” , come spark a zig, then we can hover.

hella trill, I feel alive, come spend some time, and find your lover,

my life’s a mess, I wear a frown, I found my gig, and 4 leaf clover.

Lol, with this post I just figured that I would take the thoughts of my last couple days and write them down in my natural form of expression. I haven’t necessarily expressed a mix between well flow(all of it) and emotional connection(last half), so I thought, “Since I have the motivation for this right now, might as well, right?”. So, with nothing else to keep a level head, I made something that not only I can exclaim and vibe to, but something that will hopefully provide some meaning to the audience of this post/my blog.

I hope you all like my style of posts cuz I am gonna keep doing them until I graduate, but I will make sure to switch it up. Anyone can provide me with some suggestions for things to write about as well, I’m always open to new ideas. I guess while I am just adding words for the sole purpose of doing so. And as a message for Justin, “Can I habe’ da A+ Prease? I is a good noodle”. And as for anyone that makes my life more interesting and better than the past, Cheers to you my friends, I hope I have made an impact as well.

Setting The Bar

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You tell me we can’t rap, but this a poem that I flow with,

cuz anything could be considered poetry, and you gonn know-it,

I’ll teach a lesson on wordplay, meter, with a fight for a cause,

then when all’s said and done, it’s your mind that keeps grow-in.

What is this life that I got thrown in? We live our lives to a “Law”,

with a guideline and morals, plus a mind that keeps going,

giving thoughts of what was, some-times you just gotta “pause”,

to see the better of the world, we keep on fighting because,

when pressing down on the NOS, it’s getting tired, exhaust,

but take a breather, keep on moving, 98 and Microsoft.

As the days go on, I feel closer and closer to a big change in my life. Being out of the 2 “activities” in my life will drastically change my everyday life. Lately I have been trying to make the most of it and think of it as a “final run”, but sometimes we all just get bogged down in negative/misleading thoughts. No matter what it is, we all have those “things” that prevent us from doing something in our lives, which can lead to depression and a lack of sense of place in the world. This being said, it is always good to keep your mind positive with things that you love, enjoy doing, and genuinely have a good connection to in order to stay happy in times of depression or stress. Now that I have made the statement that I use to stay “up”, my place of happiness definitely is my shop, with my cars, music, and good friends. If I can’t have this, then I usually just listen to music, drive, or write song lyrics to keep my mind occupied, but even then, I am often times pretty busy with the rest of my life. I think that the biggest influence in my life, and probably others as well, would be having the right people in your life, learning from them while they do the same. No matter what it is, you can always learn something from someone, whether it be to learn a new concept or whether you are skeptical about someone and use them to learn what you do and don’t want in life or relationships. The other major part in keeping a level head, is to maintain an optimistic outlook on life (glass half full instead of half empty). If you believe that there is no way to go but down then that is no way to live, but if you think to yourself, “Man, today is gonna be a good day”, then you can put yourself in a mindset which not only influences your own health, but can also affect people around you as well.

Is it me? Or is it just an illusion? A Lyrical Banshee, and a slave to the music.

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I know that you all don’t and probably won’t know a whole lot about me, but I will try to give you a rough description of my life. I guess I will just start by saying that I’ve moved about 15 times or more since I was 3, bounced between living with my dad, mom, and grandparents. I am kinda depressed that I had to move that much, but doing so has given me a variety of different influences which have all contributed to my present personality & story.

My life has always been kinda driven by my own self conscious and selective seclusion. I have always done what I want to do for the most part without being told what to do by my parents, basically making my own story with influence from my parents when needed. It has been tough at times, because I often find myself wondering if what I am doing is worth it, or beneficial, which brings me down and fills my head with degrading thoughts. It is times like this, though, that give me the drive to do something different than I was that would hopefully benefit my life in some way, shape, or form. This trait has been very evident in my life for the last 2 years, coming from “druggy-dropout”, to having aspirations and some light at the end of this tunnel. Even though I know there are plenty of other tunnels that I will go through, I have realized that it is important not to get ahead of yourself but instead to focus on “1 tunnel at a time” (giggaty). It definitely feels like a long time coming, with a lot of bs that has gone down in the last couple years, I have had a fire lit under my A$$. Also, now that I am 18 and have had to start getting things together it has kinda hit me like a brick wall, but hopefully once I finish school in January I will be moved into an apartment, have a full time job, have more time for my hobbies, and have one sort of “weight” lifted off of my shoulders.

Is it me? or is it just an illusion?

A lyrical banshee, and a slave to the music,

with a drive for success,

skate through life speakin true sh**,

well, my life is a mess

while my mind is ill-lucid.

And when time is done, just call me the mad hatter,

Cuz I roll my own way, man I climb up the ladder,

Don’t disrespect me, come on where are your manners?

While I’m here on this earth, I’ll try not to get sadder.

I tore up these last lines, I’ll do it again,

Cuz there’s so many thoughts that just circle my head.

When I was just 12, I turned paper and pen

Into wording of wisdom till I end up dead.

When blessed with an answer, don’t take it for granted,

Take it as a push to a problem been mended,

A project canoe that has finally been sanded,

Then when it is done you can deem it descended.

Someday all the earth and people will be dead,

And the canvas, the earth will be painted in red,

I came out of the womb to say what needs to be said,

And maybe one day I’ll have a crown on my head,

With a queen by my side and a marble black floor,

Some dollars to my hide, Ok, I’ll say some more,

A big, long, nice stride, no more closing these doors,

And so until I die, I ain’t chasing these whores.

Daily Rituals

We need rituals in our lives. Now, I’m not talking about a voodoo ritual or anything, but more of a daily routine that helps you effectively get through the day. I believe that if I am going to live a successful and fulfilling life, then I will need to develop rituals in my life. In order to be able to accomplish a given task, no matter what it is, I must develop a daily routine or a situational routine to help me achieve these goals.

If I develop and maintain more rituals in my life, then naturally I will become more organized all around. Much like everyone else, if I don’t have my backpack organized, it will make my school day harder in classes that I need papers for. For instance, one time in Physics I was missing a grade for an assignment, then when the end of the quarter came I still didn’t have that assignment in. I decided to go through my backpack and section out what needed to be kept, pretty much most of it was trash, but at the bottom of that stack of documents I found that long lost assignment. For this reason, it has influenced me to start re-organizing my backpack every 2 weeks in order to keep papers from bundling up at the bottom of the “black hole” just to get lost in space.  Doing this, It has helped me keep organized with my academics, and in turn, my grades have naturally improved.

If I didn’t find time for laundry each week then I would probably be matched up by people’s perspectives as living a “messy lifestyle”. Having my clothes smell like constant B.O. isn’t very appealing to myself, let alone others that would have to deal with the stench of resonating sweat and old deoderant. There is nothing worse than the degrading feeling when you walk into class, and you just know that you smell like a landfill. For these reasons, I have developed a routine of doing my laundry every Sunday while I am finishing up the bit of homework that was left unfinished on Friday when I left school.

When I wake up in the morning, there are 2 things that play a factor on whether my day is decent or drop dead horrible. One of which is some coffee to actually wake my brain up and keep me from going back to sleep. The other is to at least eat an apple or a pop-tart for breakfast. I have noticed that if I skip out on doing either of these things, I feel like either slamming my head into a concrete wall, or walking straight out the front doors of PCR. Luckily I have enough self control to not inflict self harm in most cases.


Present and Future Intentions

  1. It is important to be intentional when planning your future because if you just go through life with no plan for a “next chapter” then you could end up falling off the deep end and having to crawl up out of that hole. When looking at personal intentions, it is good to analyze the consequences of your actions as a way to decide what your next step is.
  1. 6 Months- In the next 6 months, I intend on having my $3000 car payment paid off by working more in order to save money and most of all, gain experience when I go back to my full time RV job. Doing these things will help me develop credit with my uncle, and also build credibility at Moscow RV so that I could have the chance to maintain that job for a couple years. Working there gives me the necessary tools that I need in order to reach my dream of converting a bus, van, or fixing up an RV to travel the country in the near future.

2 Years- In 2 years, I am going to definitely be out of high school (happily) and hopefully be stable enough on my feet in order to focus on other aspects of my life. I don’t know if I want to stay in Moscow for the next 2 years or move elsewhere, but the biggest thing for me is developing that solid ground, including living arrangements, vehicle situation, worth-while friend development, music career (start), and most importantly overall happiness.

10 Years- It is very hard for me to see what exactly what is going to happen in the next 10 years, but I want to have a music career developed in some way, and to open a car customs shop in a bigger city. Hopefully I will be living in a decent apartment or house with a good girl, and maybe a couple friends in order to save money on rent, but whatever is viable for me financially will be a main deciding factor in my decision.

3) Willing to change- Willingness to change can come in handy with many aspects of your life, if you are stuck with a single idea and believe that is the “superior” answer then yes there will be people that may contest you on your views, but you can’t expect to evolve as a person if you don’t listen and revolve your views around multiple influences. Doing that just makes you ignorant. This will affect how future employees may view you, how music artists/enthusiasts  develop their opinion, how you handle situations, all the way to your relationship among friends. Because of these reasons, I chose to pick Willingness to Change as a more important quality.

Creative- This one should be pretty obvious, but you can’t expect to make it very far in life living it like a “square”. If you aren’t outside that “social standard” then you can’t expect to rise above the rest. I have a pretty good knack for writing songs so I would love to incorporate my art through lyrical content and wordplay, it is something that I find fun to do, and if I have the chance to make an impact on someone’s life through spoken word, then I will do it, even just to get a reaction. When bringing creativity into car customs, that is basically the whole job, it is a great thing to be able to point out a vinyl paint job on a car that you painted and say that you did that. Or if you are riding around in your own car, there is nothing better than the feeling of riding in a vehicle that you customized yourself.

4) I don’t necessarily know what challenges I will face exactly, because I usually attack things as they come to me in order to better focus my attention it makes it hard to look into specific aspects. I intend on overcoming my problems just how I labelled in my “Seasonal Depression” blog post, by planning mountain biking trips, working on my cars, creating and listening to music, and creating good conversation with good friends. Doing these will definitely help me cope, I don’t know if there will be more activities to succumb to, but I am going to keep my mind open to new opportunities.